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    Way back in the 1940s and 1950s the Lockhead L-049 Constellation carried the great bands across the Atlantic ocean and brought Europe that classic Big Band sound. Likewise, we, the Constellation Big Band from Freiburg, Germany, would like to take you on a musical journey spanning the vast ocean of Big Band music from traditional to contemporary.

    This band has acquired a great reputation as an exciting, versatile live act filling a number of slots, be it as a concert band at the Montreux Jazz Festival or as a ballroom show band at the Euro Dance Festival at Europapark. This band will provide you with just the kind of music you need for your event!

    We offer a colorful array of musical styles ranging from intimate bar jazz and swing to rock and pop classics that are presented in richly textured arrangements with a cool, exhilarating sound. Have you, for instance, ever danced a tango to the Rolling Stones' all-time classic hit "Satisfaction"?

    The question remains: Are the ones rowing the rhythm galley the metaphorical hammer or the anvil, are they the slaves or the real masters?

    Intrigued? Then come closer, listen and find out for yourself.


    Concert Dates:

    28.06.2024 Stiftsschaffneikeller Lahr - "The Music of Pat Metheny" im

    10.03.2024 Schloß Reinach in Freiburg-Munzingen JAZZ IM SCHLOSS

    22.12.2023 Christmas Show in der WODAN Halle Freiburg

    Die Constellation Bigband Freiburg lädt dich zu einem ganz besonderen Weihnachtserlebnis mit dem Motto "A Merry Metheny Christmas" ein. Dies ist deine...